Carbon reduction

We recognize that the emission of greenhouse gases due to human activity is impacting our global climate. This issue requires action by us all. While we provide our customers with cleaner transportation fuels, we also strive to do so with the least impact to our environment – particularly by reducing our carbon footprint.

Our carbon reduction goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020, in alignment with GHG reduction targets agreed upon at the 2009 UNFCC Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. In 2011 we were successful in obtaining a 13 percent reduction in our GHG emissions intensity and we are continuing to investigate new ways to further reduce our emissions.

We work to reduce our carbon footprint through achieving greater energy efficiency, in order to produce less carbon dioxide (CO2) in the first place. We also have a carbon capture partnership between our refinery and Praxair, a company that processes carbon dioxide for food-grade use, and recycles it into products like carbonated beverages. For over a decade, carbon dioxide emissions from the refinery have been supplied to Praxair, adding the fizz to countless cans of soda pop throughout our region, among other CO2 products.