Living our values

Our company is shaped and guided by the values we believe in - providing the very best in customer service and remaining committed to our employees and to our local communities. Over the years, our employees have submitted numerous stories that describe, in their own words, how their Irving Oil colleagues live our values.

Proud to Work Among Our People

"I am so proud to work among the people of Irving Oil. I feel truly blessed to be part of an organization filled with people of such character and values.

Our Company has written, "it is not enough to read or write our values, we must live them." I have seen such humbleness with many co-workers who contribute greatly to the company and to the community.  One co-worker who volunteers at the Romero House (Soup Kitchen) regularly now has become the most famous cake maker of all times.  This Irving Oil employee bakes a large cake every month for all the children at the Romero House in celebration of their birthdays."

A Promise Made is a Promise Kept

"When I initially applied to work at Irving Oil, I submitted a resume and filled out an application. I presented these items to a manager in human resources. My strategy with any application was to apply and then follow up with phone enquiries to ensure the employer knew of my sincere interest. I called the manager two or three times over the next several days after applying until he assured me that they were not hiring at the present but he would call me when they were hiring again. I went about my business, got another job and laid my plans at working here to rest. Then eighteen months later, I received a call from none other than the same manager, informing me that the company was now hiring and he wished to set up a time for an interview.

This manager demonstrated our values in keeping his promise."

Positive Feedback

"I recently started working at Irving Oil and I've been really impressed with all of the positive feedback that is given.  I always receive a "thank-you" on the way out the door if I ever have to work late and always receive a "thank-you" when I help someone out.  This has been a new concept to me as my former employers have always paid lip service to positive feedback, but didn't always "practice what they preached.”

I knew that I had found the right employer when I saw how a senior person in the company handled a minor error on my part.  I had asked him to complete something that should not have been directed to him and that I should have handled.  I was still learning the ropes at my new position and I sent him an email apologizing for my mistake and he responded with the following comments:

"If we did nothing we would create no errors but we would also create nothing. So please keep up the good work and let all the good stuff be remembered."

I knew then that I had found a great company to work for and that the reason that the company was a great place to work was because of the quality of the people that continue to work here."

“Go Be With Your Family”

"Last May, my 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She was admitted to the hospital for a week to regulate her glucose levels so we could take her home. I needed to be there to learn how to care for a diabetic. I called my manager at the time and told him I would need to take a few days off on short notice to be with my wife and child and also my 2-year-old daughter who was at home. In a previous position with another company, I don't think this would have been possible nor should I ask, but when I called him, he told me to "Go be with your family while they need you, the job will still be here when you get back." This was very comforting to me at the time as my wife and I were quite upset over the news.

Those three days off allowed my wife and I to learn the daily routine and take our daughter home. She is now a healthy 5 and a half-year-old in kindergarten and lives her life the same as any other child. My manager demonstrated respect for me as an individual and set an example I will follow with my own employees. To me this is the sort of thing that makes this company great to work for and I think this individual represents the company very well. I'm sure you know who you are, so thanks."

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