Our wellness programs

Onsite Health Assessments

Irving Oil offers our employees voluntary, confidential wellness assessments onsite with a licensed medical professional and wellness coach at no cost. The results of the assessment can then be used by employees to establish their health & wellness baseline from which they can develop a personal wellness plan. Every six months, follow-up assessments are made available to track progress.

The assessment includes glucose and cholesterol testing, blood pressure and body-mass indexing. Additional assessments are being planned that will screen for other health risks such as cardiovascular disease.

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Programs

Healthy eating is the basis for preventing illness and fostering mental and physical well being. The Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Programs help encourage and educate employees and their families on healthy food choices.

We provide reimbursements for weight loss programs and provide fresh fruit three days a week at all offices. During one of our weight loss programs at our refinery this year, we participated in a “Lose for Good” campaign. For each pound participants lost, they collected the equivalent amount of food for Greater Saint John food banks – over a seven-week period, a total of 137 pounds of food was donated.

Shifting to Wellness

This program recognizes that managing job-related stress is an essential key to health. Shifting to Wellness provides our shift workers and their families with information and strategies for dealing with the issues surrounding a shift work lifestyle, both on and off the job.

Smoking Cessation

This program helps smokers make the very difficult decision to break their habit and quit smoking for good. It provides our employees -– as well as their family members who smoke -- useful information and essential strategies. These strategies include group support, one-on-one support and reimbursement for smoking cessation aides.

Blood Donor Clinics

Irving Oil employees do their part to donate blood to organizations such as the Canadian Blood Services and local hospitals through annual donation clinics and as part of the national “Partners for Life” program. Our employees’ gifts of life help patients with the life-saving products and treatments they desperately need.

Fitness Challenges

Our Fitness Challenges motivate and engage us to participate in a wide variety of activities that increase health and well-being. We hold two Physical Activity Challenges per year, offering incentives and prizes to the winning office teams, as well as finding ways to give back to our community. During our 2010 Spring Physical Activity Challenge, we donated to the local food banks for six weeks based on a dollar for every minute of physical activity. The result was a $3,500 donation to Greater Saint John Area food banks.