Recognizing service

Since our company’s establishment in 1924, we have always placed great importance on recognizing the dedication and service of our employees. Throughout the years, recognizing those who have helped to build and shape Irving Oil has taken many different forms and tokens of appreciation.

Over time, we have adopted the beaver as our company’s emblem, signifying the industrious and loyalty of our people. In 1989, Arthur Irving, together with a group of employees, decided to create a commemorative pin to mark employees’ service milestones. The design of this pin was commissioned by internationally-renowned sculptor, Michael Rizzello, whose work included coinage, medals and plaques for the British royal family, statesmen and performing artists.

At five years our employees receive bronze pins, at ten years they receive silver pins and at 15 years and every five years following, employees receive gold pins.  Each beaver pin is inscribed with the number of years the employee has been with Irving Oil.  Employees receive their pins at an annual service awards reception hosted by our company’s senior leaders. 

With many people having been with our company for upwards of 20 or 30 years, the service awards are an annual reminder that employees’ long-term service is recognized and valued throughout our organization. K.C. Irving, and every generation that has followed since, knew the importance of acknowledging the hardworking individuals that make up our Irving Oil team.  Similar to the role of the busy beaver in the wild, industrious Irving Oil employees are responsible for building our company into what it is today.

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