Working with neighbours

Governments may grant permits to operate, but communities grant permission. The support and understanding of the communities where we live and work is crucial to our continued operations. That’s why we strive to be a good neighbour to the residents near our facilities, and the wider communities.

At our refinery, we continuously work with our neighbours to address questions and concerns, and to inform them about our operations. Here are a few examples of the programs we have in place:

Community liaison committee

Our Community liaison committee meets on a quarterly basis to provide an opportunity for neighbours, government officials and refinery staff to discuss refinery projects and address questions and concerns.

Neighbourly News

In addition to regular notices to neighbours about our operations and projects, we issue a quarterly newsletter, “Neighbourly News”, to residents near our refinery.

Reducing noise

Regularly, we deploy specially equipped cars to drive through our neighbourhood to take sound readings in 17 locations. We also deploy the same investigation upon immediately receiving a noise complaint. If the source of the noise is found to be in the refinery, operational changes are taken to reduce or eliminate the noise.

The program has been successful in reducing noise in the neighbourhood around our refinery through a variety of operational changes, such as minimizing the use of flaring as well as installing a range of noise silencer technologies.

Annual neighbour day/open house

We hold an annual open house with our community members where we discuss new operational improvements, odour, noise and sight impact reduction programs, safety programs and displays, as well as offer tours of the refinery.

Environment week

Irving Oil celebrates Canadian Environment Week each June by offering a variety of environmentally-conscious activities to our community, such as organized roadside clean-ups, household hazardous waste collections and litterless lunches for students at nearby elementary schools.

Our aim is to grow our community programs, so we can continuously improve this vital relationship.

If you live near our refinery and have a question about our operations, please contact us at:

Phone: 202-3000