Double-hulled ships

As much of our crude supply and finished product shipment is distributed by ship, we depend on the marine environment that surrounds us, and strongly believe in protecting it from harm. All of the ships we charter, both those that supply us crude and those we use to deliver our finished products, are double-hulled. Any breach of the outer hull would not result in a product leak due to the redundancy of the hull-within-a-hull design.

Before we sign an agreement to charter any ship, whether it’s for a long- or short-term charter, we also carry out a thorough due diligence process to verify the safety of each ship. These are just a few of the many preventative measures we take against marine incidents.


In addition to chartering only double-hulled ships to protect the marine environment, Irving Oil has worked closely with the New England Aquarium and other concerned groups to find a practical, science-based solution to the issue of collisions between whales and ships in the Bay of Fundy. Through re-routing shipping lanes in 2002, the program has been a great success in reducing the probability of ship-whale collisions by 90 percent.

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