Responsible operations

As a responsible operator and energy producer, our focus is not only to comply with government regulations but to go beyond them, by being an early adopter of stringent fuel specifications and further investing in emission control technology. In our view, compliance is only our starting point as we work to meet and exceed what regulations require.

We’ve adopted that approach throughout our operations, from reducing the sulphur content in our fuels, to reducing emissions one valve at a time, to chartering double-hulled ships.

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which we strive every day to improve our environmental performance.

Ultra-low sulphur fuels

Over the past decade we have been continuously responding to consumer demand for lower sulphur content in transportation fuels, and now home heating fuel.

Fugitive emissions program

Every year, we search over 30,000 valves and components by hand as part of this longstanding emissions reduction program.

Double-hulled ships

We charter double-hulled ships as a preventative measure against incidents at sea.