Environmental responsibility

Over the past two decades, our company’s long-term outlook and re-investment in operations has led to an industry-leading track record of environmental performance in both our processes and products.

Being a smaller, regional energy company relative to our competitors allows us to quickly adapt to changing consumer demand for cleaner fuels. Setting industry benchmarks and marketing cleaner fuels ahead of regulation has led to recognition by our industry peers and Canadian and U.S. governments, including being the first oil company ever to receive the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award for our low sulphur gasoline.

More recently, we have continued to invest in our environmental performance through the installation of a Dehexanizer Unit to reduce the benzene content in our gasoline, in order to meet pending USEPA fuel standards.

However, when it comes to our environmental responsibility, we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. We recognize the need for further improvement and we are continuing to strive towards operating in a more efficient way every day.

Responsible operations

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Carbon reduction

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Innovation & technology

Continuous re-investment in our assets allows us to lower emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Working with neighbours

Working with our neighbours to listen, inform and address issues.

Reducing plastic at our Big Stop Restaurants

We are stopping our use of plastic straws at our Big Stop Restaurants to help protect local wildlife.