• Our company has an extremely low turnover rate due in part to a highly committed workforce.

Employment FAQs

1. What career opportunities are available at Irving Oil?
Irving Oil is a diverse company, with a variety of career paths. We strongly encourage our employees to take on new challenges, learn as much as they can, and challenge themselves as much as possible. Visit available opportunities for a complete list of positions.

2. What benefits does Irving Oil offer?
We offer a wide range of benefits, such as a pension plan and savings plan, health and wellness plan, Employee Assistance Program, and much more. We understand that our employees have commitments outside of work, and we strive to offer a flexible and accommodating work environment.

3. Does the company support learning and development?
Helping our employees meet their professional development goals is important to us. In fact, it's so important that we include a learning and development goal in every employee's annual performance planner. We cover the training expense for many programs such as University and College courses, certificate programs and more.

4. How does the company support diversity?
We are an equal opportunity employer and strive to create a diverse workforce. Our company also supports grassroots initiatives such as the E3 Women's Forum, an organization created by Irving Oil employees to empower, enable and engage its members to grow both personally and professionally.

5. What can I expect the work environment to be like?
At Irving Oil, you will find a very collaborative work environment where teams work together across our entire organization. You’ll learn about our company’s values and how they shape our work through emphasizing the importance of our customers and keeping our commitments, as well as how our contributions can benefit both our teammates and our customers. Our employees are empowered to grow and develop their careers and we provide a continuous learning environment for them to do just that. Our company invests in success, both yours and ours.