Little River Valley, a 250-acre wetland area we have conserved together with Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Code of Ethical Conduct

At Irving Oil, we strive to achieve the highest standards of ethical business and personal conduct, integrity and professionalism.
Our company’s Code of Ethical Conduct is designed to communicate our commitment to ethical business conduct and provide guidance to all employees so that they will apply these principles in the performance of their responsibilities.
Our Code summarizes the principles and policies relating to the ethical aspects of work and provides guidelines for resolving ethical issues as they arise. The Code touches on issues such as hiring and employment practices, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, harassment and environmental, health and safety matters.
Our Code is intended to encourage employees to raise serious concerns within our company. Employees who observe, learn of, or, in good faith suspect, a violation of our company’s Code of Ethical Conduct must immediately report the alleged violation through any one of a variety of reporting mechanisms. They can do so with complete confidence that their reports of code violations, real or even suspected, will be held in strictest confidence to the greatest possible extent, and they will be fully protected against any possible retaliation.