Commissioned in 1970, Irving Canaport was the first deepwater port in the Western Hemisphere.


Irving Oil has a highly valued network of diverse, reliable and quality crude oil suppliers from various regions around the world. Our company has formed many long-term supplier partnerships with companies from Saudi Arabia, the North Sea and nearby Newfoundland & Labrador.

Crude is unloaded at our Canaport Crude Receiving Terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick. Commissioned in 1970, Irving Canaport was the western hemisphere’s first deep-water crude terminal able to receive supertankers, with over 6 million barrels of storage capacity for our refining operations. We were the first and only Canadian refinery on the east coast of North America to receive crude oil from The Acropolis, a ULCC (Ultra Large Crude Carrier) – one of the world’s largest supertankers, holding 2.6 million barrels of crude.

Ships are unloaded one at a time, in a process that takes up to two days for each cargo of crude. After the crude is processed at our refinery into various finished petroleum products, other ships we have chartered arrive at our product-loading facility in East Saint John. Eighty percent of our products are then delivered to marine terminals along the east coast of North America.

On any given day, Irving Oil’s shipping and distribution operation tracks approximately 25-30 ships at sea, carefully planning their delivery schedules according to a rigorous supply chain management system.