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Service Stations & Travel Plazas

By removing 90% of the sulphur from our gasoline, we provide a cleaner product to customers.

Service Stations & Travel Plazas

Irving Oil’s service station and travel plaza business, Irving Oil Marketing, is responsible for a wide range of functions that support the sales of our products and services. Our efforts touch both our business customers as well as the general public.

For the general public, Irving Oil Marketing promotes and sells quality, competitively priced fuel at more than 900 fueling locations in Canada and the U.S. We always strive to provide customers a clean, friendly and prompt experience at our service plazas, and we believe these efforts have contributed to distinguishing the Irving Oil brand throughout our company’s history.

For our business customers, Irving Oil Marketing licenses the Irving brand to dealers, distributors, and joint venture partners. We then develop and supply these business customers with marketing programs that drive traffic to their locations.

Marketing’s offerings also include specialized fuel credit cards tailored for our regional light and heavy fleet customers. The Irving Commercial Card for light fleet customers and the Irving 24 Card for heavy fleet customers provide coverage at over 4,000 fueling locations in the US. We also serve drivers at more than 20 Irving Big Stop locations and Travel Plazas across the U.S. and Canada.

We have been marketing our products in Canada since 1925 and expanded into the U.S. beginning in 1972 in Maine and then New Hampshire. More recently, we have been further extending our reach in the U.S., and today we are also marketing to customers in Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York, and we anticipate that this growth will continue.

Always on the lookout for increased growth opportunities, our goal is to continue building a strong brand and network where our customers always come first.