Explore the operations of Canada's largest refinery, where we produce our quality, low-sulphur fuels.


Two refinery employees overlook the facility at a height of over 60 meters (200 feet).

Saint John Refinery

The crude oil unloaded at our Canaport terminal is piped to our Saint John Refinery, one of the ten largest refineries in North America and the largest in Canada.

Every day, our refinery produces over 300,000 barrels of finished energy products, over half of which is exported to the US Northeast. We refine a wide range of products for our wholesale and retail markets, including gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, propane and asphalt.

Our refinery opened in 1960 on a 780-acre site and has been upgraded throughout the years, including a $1.5 billion upgrade project in 2000. We have also led in the development of cleaner and more efficient fuels and processes. For example, since 2003 we have invested over $150 million to produce ultra-low sulphur diesel, a fuel that contains 97 percent less sulphur content from today’s industry standard.

We were the first Canadian refinery to make high octane gasoline without the use of lead additives and were also the first to offer low-sulphur gasoline, five years ahead of regulation. In 2011 we invested $100 million in equipment that dramatically reduced the levels of benzene in gasoline, in order to meet US EPA regulations and years in advance of Canadian government regulations.

Irving Oil is the first and only Canadian refinery to have been recognized by Hart World Fuels as "Refiner of the Year," and we were the first oil company ever to receive the United States Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award.

Our refinery maintains longstanding, mutually beneficial partnerships with many of the leading energy industry service providers in the world, including Fluor for engineering services, Jacobs for maintenance services, Intertek for laboratory services, and Source Atlantic for warehousing services.

With a workforce of 1,400 people and thousands of neighbours in the community where we operate, we are committed to safe and environmentally responsible operations day and night.