Fuel the Care has provided over $2 million in fuel cards to families who frequently travel for medical care, like Heather and Megan.


There are times when many of us face enormous healthcare challenges, and for some, it can be a struggle to get the proper care needed to stay healthy. That’s why we’ve focused much of our community work on healthcare. In addition to our Community Program, Fuel the Care, we support a number of other healthcare-related campaigns throughout our region.

CIBC Run For the Cure

Since 2002, our employees have participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure annual fundraiser that supports breast cancer research, education, diagnosis and treatment. In 2010, our efforts raised over $10,000.

Rally of Hope

Our employees have raised more than $445,000 to date for the Rally of Hope, an annual fundraiser to provide new medical equipment for the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Saint John Dragon Boat Festival

Our employees participate each year in this annual fundraiser for the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation. Since 2004, our company has raised more than $128,000 for new equipment and treatments.