The Willington Family

In September 2012, we found out that our unborn son, Ezekiel, had some markers for a rare genetic disorder called Trisome 18, or Edwards Syndrome. He most definitely had major heart issues and so the Moncton Hospital referred us to the IWK Health Centre for further ultrasounds and planning for having our baby. IWK is a three-hour drive from Moncton, and we had to travel every two to three weeks to visit specialists and put a plan in place to save our son’s life before he was even born. We were concerned about the cost of gas, especially since we owned a van to transport our other three kids. We are a one-income family, and so we were absolutely thrilled to find out about Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program! It meant so much to us to know that Irving Oil was partnering with us to save Ezekiel’s life. Ezekiel was born on January 10th with Trisome 18, but because of the plans put in place before his birth, he is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 
Thank you to Fuel the Care for relieving some of the financial burdens and helping us during a stressful and uncertain time in our lives. Your generosity will never be forgotten.