Left to right are: Jonathan, Ezra, Nathan, Allyson, Camas, Hannah, James and Harrison

The Tapley Family

Hannah describes her son, James’ story:

We are the parents of four sons and two daughters. Our middle son, James, became sick at the age of 6 months and has had frequent hospital stays and procedures. When he was six years old, he was diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder which is a disorder that affects every cell in his body. Since the diagnosis, James needs to continue to see a cardiologist, genetics doctor, and gastro doctor in Boston on a monthly basis.  The trips for James can be expensive as we need to stay overnight due to the distance given the risk of James having difficulty and ending up in the hospital afterwards with complications from his disorder.  

Having one child with medical problems has been difficult for us, but we have been able to manage until April 2012, when our oldest son Jonathan had an emergency appendectomy.

Following that procedure it was determined that Jonathan has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and needs to be followed by a pediatric gastro doctor. Currently there is not a doctor in the Bangor area, so we were referred to Boston for treatment.

Following that news and the already frequent trips to Boston, I was put in touch with Mark Moran, who provides family support at the Eastern Maine Medical Center. He offered me the Irving Oil Fuel the Care fuel cards.

With the help of Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care Program, we have been able to take the boys to Boston to get the treatment that they need and have peace of mind about the cost of the trips and the expense of leaving our other four children at home.