The Sabean Family

Maggie’s father, Eric, describes his daughter’s story:

In August of 2010, our daughter Maggie was hospitalized with what was initially thought to be an infection that was causing flu-like symptoms. After a couple of days in ICU, the doctors realized that there was something else wrong with Maggie and she needed to be seen by the specialists at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. Because of her deteriorating condition, Maggie and her mother, Andrea, were airlifted to Halifax for emergency surgery. After arranging last minute care for our other two children, Logan and Eryka, I followed them to Halifax by car, with my mother.

Just a few hours after arriving in Halifax, Maggie had lifesaving surgery to remove a complex bowel obstruction. Her prognosis was very positive, but she faced a two week stay in IWK. We were very fortunate to have Andrea’s sisters at home looking after Logan and Eryka and my very supportive employer made it possible for me to remain in Halifax with Andrea and Maggie.

Once things settled after the surgery, we were visited by a social worker at the IWK who provided us with food vouchers, phone cards and a couple of certificates for fuel through the Irving Oil Fuel the Care Program. At that point, with the fear around Maggie’s illness subsiding, we were missing only two things – Logan and Eryka. The Irving Oil fuel cards made it possible for Andrea’s sisters to pack up Logan and Eryka and bring them to Halifax to spend the weekend with us in Halifax. This was the first time we had been separated from our children for an extended period and having them visit us lifted everyone’s spirits, especially Maggie’s.

Before leaving for the trip home, we were provided with more cards, which paid for our fuel on the return trip. On top of all the other financial challenges that arise when something unexpected like this happens, it was so nice to not have to worry about fuel for our car. We are so very grateful for the Irving Oil Fuel the Care Program.