The MacKinnon Family

In January 2008, Joe and his wife Christa were both amazed and blessed -- with quadruplets! There were two girls, Julia and Morah, along with two boys, Alex and Ben. The children were born at just 29 weeks and needed immediate, round-the-clock care. They were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is over two hours away from the MacKinnons’ home in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

“Life was already busy with our older boy Matthew, who is autistic and requires our full love and support,” Joe MacKinnon said. “We had not heard of Fuel the Care until Heather Prosser, our wonderful social worker, told us about the program. We were beyond excited when we found out how Fuel the Care could help us with the cost of our daily travel back and forth to the hospital.”

However, the family faced many challenges with Joe working full time and Christa caring for Matthew. They took turns staying at the hospital, spending as much time as they could with their babies. The Irving Oil Fuel the Care program was a modest but important benefit to the MacKinnons. It not only allowed them to travel daily for their babies’ healthcare, but also to bring Matthew to visit his siblings as often as possible.

After 100 days, the MacKinnon family was able to bring everyone home. The four babies, who all were born at only a little over a kilogram each, are now running around the house as healthy three and a half year olds.

“The love and devotion of our friends, family, Heather and the Fuel the Care program allowed our family to stay together. Families are stronger when they are together. It helps your little ones grow and get stronger,” Joe said.

“I would say that being able to look after our family’s needs while driving back and forth to be with our children is everything to us,” he added. “Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program was kind and generous for assisting us and the countless other families in need.”