The Glidden Family

When I was pregnant with our second son, Mason, we thought that everything “normal”. By normal, I mean we thought he would be like our oldest son, Miles. 
Mason was born on May 7, 2011 at 6:11am via c-section due to some complications. When he came out there was a lot of discussion on whether or not he should have the test done for Trisomy 21. 
Mason does in fact have Down’s Syndrome, which means we have a lot more doctors’ visits than we could have ever dreamed of; having help from Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program has helped us so much. We used to worry about how we were going to have money for gas to get to his appointments. But thanks to Fuel the Care, we no longer have to worry about that. 
Mason is a happy little boy who can melt your heart with just his smile. He loves to laugh and explore new things, especially when it comes to playing with his big brother! Thanks again Irving Oil!