Tammy & Brandon

When Tammy Morris learned her 8-year old son Brandon had bone cancer, nothing mattered more than getting him the best possible treatment available. Brandon's cancer required him to undergo chemotherapy treatments, endure a series of operations and at one point he was even in a full-body cast.

Being the parent of a seriously ill child requires enormous time and energy. Tammy had to leave her job so she could take care of Brandon while he underwent cancer treatments and had portions of his bone removed and replaced with a metal rod, all while having to look after her two other children at home.

With Brandon and Tammy making regular trips back and forth to doctor's appointments, the emergency room and chemotherapy treatments, Tammy saw her car mileage and transportation costs steadily rising.

"We were very low on money and it was so important that we get him to his doctor's appointment. We couldn't get him there on the bus because he was in a full-body cast and we were worried about germs because he was always sick. We needed gas in our car."

With the Fuel the Care program, Tammy was able to make the trips needed for Brandon's treatment without having to worry about the cost of fuel. The cards gave Tammy one less thing to worry about so she could focus on her son's health during this difficult time.

"The gas cards really do help and from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who does the fundraising because it really does help a lot of families."

Today, Brandon is on the road to recovery. He is walking again, going to school and even starting to play sports. Tammy couldn't be more happy and proud of her son.