Sarah & Cadie

Cadie’s mother, Sarah, describes her daughter’s story:

When Cadie was 10 days old, we received a call from our pediatrician that changed our lives forever. She was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a life threatening illness that affects her lungs and pancreas. The next day, we were at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth in Manchester.  Her diagnosis left us lost for a long time, coming to grips with such a terrible and deadly disease. My husband, Mark and I worried all the time. There was so much information to take in.  

At age 16 months, Cadie was hospitalized for the first time at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (CHaD) in Lebanon, NH.  She had to have a "g-tube" surgically inserted into her stomach because she was not gaining enough weight.  Now, I can feed her high calorie formula so she can put on weight.  It was at this visit that I first heard about Irving Oil's Fuel the Care Program. Before we went home, one of the nurses gave us an Irving Oil fuel card. I was so surprised – I certainly didn't expect help getting home! It was wonderful to know that Irving Oil cared enough about families to realize that they shouldn't have to worry about having enough gas. There is enough for us to worry about!  This may sound silly, but as a fanatical scrapbooker, I scrapbooked that first Irving Oil fuel card when we were done with it! 

In November 2010, Cadie was hospitalized for 12 days with a lung infection that required IV antibiotics. It was awful being away from home for so long.  We live just over 2 hours from the hospital, so visiting is hard for my husband Mark and son Eric. Fuel the Care helped us stay together as a family – we didn't have to worry about filling up our gas tanks. We were able to focus on being a family, and helping Cadie get better.

Today, Cadie is a 3 and a half year old, who has spent all together too much time in the hospital – 8 visits! We are lucky to have such caring nurses at CHaD, and we are so lucky to have Fuel the Care, which makes travelling to and from the hospital a little easier!