Jill & Carson

Within hours of being born Jillian Bowers’ son Carson was transferred to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for what Jillian and her family thought would be 7-10 days before returning home. However, after only a few days in the NICU, they discovered Carson had a problem with his kidneys. During the month Carson spent in the NICU, 10 of those days were spent on dialysis. Once he was well enough, he was transferred to the nephrology floor where he spent 2 months before being discharged home. It has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster for Jillian and her family. For almost a year now, the Bowers have had to take Carson on the three-hour round trip journey from their home in Liverpool, Nova Scotia to the IWK and back every week.

With Jillian unable to work, finances became stretched. Jillian joined Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care after learning about it from her hospital’s social worker. Fuel the Care allowed Jillian to focus on transporting Carson to the hospital without worrying about the cost of fuel. “I was relieved to learn about the program,” commented Jillian. “We are so grateful to Fuel the Care for helping us.”

Jillian and Carson currently travel to the IWK for weekly check-ups and will continue to do so until Carson receives a kidney transplant. With so much on her plate, not having to worry about the price at the pump during these long drives provides Jillian some much needed relief. “All my focus and time is spent on Carson, so little things like grocery shopping and clothes shopping become more difficult,” says Jillian. “Fuel the Care is a great program. It gives you one less thing to worry about because there are so many other factors associated with caring for a child who is sick.”