Chad & Meg Duncanson

In November 2012, our daughter Adalia was born in Yarmouth, NS. Twelve hours after her birth, she hadn't had her first bowel movement and the doctors realized there was something wrong. Adalia was airlifted to the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, NS. After several months of testing, doctors decided to arrange further testing elsewhere. In May of 2013, Adalia was sent Montreal, QC, where she was diagnosed with Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, with means her bowels act is if there's a blockage but nothing is there.
As her parents, it's a hopeless feeling knowing we couldn't help her. Her doctors want to keep her under observation for up to a year, in the hospital, because her condition is rare and they don't feel it is safe to send her home yet. We agreed of course, but it created another problem - money. We live hours outside of Halifax, but we want to stay close to Adalia. We realized we needed a little help so the hospital social worker suggested Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program. It has helped a lot; it has meant one less bill that we have to worry about. It's a nice feeling when your community comes together to help people who need it; thanks Irving Oil.