The Peters Family

Beth and Ralph Peters were surprised and excited when a routine ultrasound revealed they were having twins. With two daughters already at home, their family would grow to six. But, excitement soon turned to fear when they were told they needed to travel to the IWK Health Centre for a higher level ultrasound because of some concerns the doctors were having about the babies.

One week later, their fears were confirmed when they were told their sons had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), a disease of the placenta that results in one twin receiving too much blood, and the other not enough. Many potential complications can result from TTTS, such as growth restriction and heart complications as well as the death of one or both of the twins while in-utero.

Immediately put on bed rest, Beth had to travel to the IWK weekly for ultrasounds to monitor the twins’ conditions. Once a week for nine weeks the Peters travelled the 640 km round trip from their home in Prince Edward Island to the IWK in Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, after nine trips Beth was suddenly hospitalized. “During that time my husband travelled over with our older children, Abby and Hannah, to visit,” says Beth. “It was so hard for them to have Mommy gone for so long.”

With Beth on sick leave from her job and Ralph having to take off work to trek back and forth to the IWK with their daughters, the Peters were struggling. They had to live with less money and deal with greater expenses. One day, a friend of Beth’s who works for the IWK Foundation told her about the Irving Oil Fuel the Care program and put her in contact with a representative. “You can’t believe the relief we felt when we heard there was a program out there that could help us with these expenses.”

At 31 weeks, Beth delivered Sam and Jake, and after 23 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, everyone was able to go home. The boys are happy and healthy now. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” expresses Beth. “Fuel the Care meant so much to us during the time we needed to travel. We lived in daily fear that we would lose our sons before they were even born. Fuel the Care couldn’t relieve that stress, but it was able to help relieve the financial burden we were facing. Again… thank you!”