Ava & Selina

At 19 weeks pregnant, we went to get out first ultrasound. They never told us anything so we thought that everything was fine. The next day, I received a call from the hospital to go see Genetics and to get another ultrasound. I immediately knew that there was something wrong, while everyone else around me was saying it was just a precaution. That day, during my ultrasound, they told me that my baby wasn't moving properly and that she had AMC (Arthrogyrposis Multiplex Congenita).  
AMC is a non-progressive condition and the worst of the condition is seen at birth. The condition affected my daughter’s ability to gain muscle in her body. Ava couldn't move her arms, hands, feet, and she couldn't bend her knees. I had to go back and forth every two weeks to the Janeway in St. John’s, NL for ultrasounds to check my baby's growth. 
After Ava was born in September 2012, we’ve continued to have many appointments at the hospital. We live two hours away and of course we thought, ‘how are we going to afford to travel back and forth once a week, sometimes more?’ That’s when a social worker in the hospital told us about Irving Oil’s Fuel the Care program. This program had helped us when we needed it and it is comforting to know there is someone out there that cares about our kids and the struggles we go through financially when our kids get sick.  
Today, Ava is a smart, energetic, lovable little girl; while she has challenges ahead, we greatly appreciate Fuel the Care helping us focus on the most important thing - helping Ava overcome obstacles so that she can live life to the fullest!