A.C.E. Process

Since 2002, A.C.E. observations have facilitated numerous improvements throughout our refinery.

A.C.E. Process

A.C.E. is an acronym that stands for Anticipating accidents, Communicating safety procedures, and Eliminating risky behaviours by closely observing procedures and operations.

A.C.E. observers are trained employees who look for specific at-risk behaviours among their fellow employees and use these findings to help communicate, reinforce and improve safe practices. First developed by our company in 2002, the A.C.E. Process continues as one of our most important safety initiatives.

The A.C.E. process also allows employees to anonymously report safety issues so they feel comfortable making safety suggestions.  A steering committee of trades workers and shift personnel direct the process and represent employees so that safety suggestions and requests are implemented in a timely manner.

Since 2002, over 24,000 A.C.E. observations have been conducted, which has led to the successful implementation of many preventative safety measures at our workplace.