Safety Culture

The Safety Training Room at our refinery hosts many of our safety program sessions.

Safety Culture

Safety is a way of life for us. Through a number of programs that instill a culture of safety in all of our operations, we work to improve personal behaviours, operational procedures and occupational health to protect our employees, the communities where we operate and the environment.

This safety culture permeates throughout our company, and can be seen through the daily actions of our employees. To personalize this commitment, we created a “Safety: Our Way of Life” campaign, featuring images of employee family members with a quote from the employees, stating why their family is their reason to work safe.

One of our most important safety measurements is workplace injuries. We measure workplace injuries by what is called Recordable Injury Frequency (RIF) rate. This is equivalent to the number of injuries that occur for every 100 people working full time for a year. Recordable injuries are those that cannot be treated onsite (such as stitches or injuries that require prescription medication) or injuries that prevent an employee from coming back to work the following day.

Thanks in part to our daily commitment to safety, in 2012 our refinery achieved 365 days without a lost time injury, or over 3.5 million workforce hours, making the refinery an industry leader in safety performance. Our company’s overall RIF rate is currently an average of 2.06 – our goal is to reduce this total to 0.2 over the next four years, far surpassing industry averages.