Current Projects

The Dehexanizer Unit reduces the benzene content in our gasoline by 33%.

Recent Initiatives

Improved technology and environmental performance go hand-in-hand. Here are a few of the projects we are currently constructing to further reduce our environmental footprint.

Dehexanizer Unit

Our dehexanizer distillation column was part of $100 million investment to reduce benzene levels in our gasoline. Since being commissioned, this unit has lowered the content of benzene (a Volatile Organic Compound) in our gasoline by 30 percent

Ethanol Blending

For over a decade, Irving Oil has blended 10 percent ethanol with ultra-low sulphur gasoline at our marine terminal facilities in Massachusetts and Maine, supplying markets throughout the U.S. Northeast. In 2011, Irving Oil began adding ethanol blending capability into our regular (87 Octane) gasoline at the Saint John Refinery truck rack operations. The 10 percent ethanol blended gasoline, or E10, is approved for use in any make or model vehicle sold in North America. This change will comply with upcoming Canadian renewable fuels regulations.

Vapour Recovery Unit

Irving Oil installed a Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) late in 2011 at the Canaport East Saint John Marine Terminal. The VRU uses an adsorption process to capture Volatile Organiz Compounds (VOCs) emitted by ships while loading gasoline. The captured vapours are condensed and reloaded into the ships. A 95% reduction is expected during the gasoline loading process. Since it has come online, over 1200 tonnes of VOCs produced by gasoline loading have been recovered through the VRU, and hence diverted away from the environment.