Students & Recent Grads

Our co-op student programs offer practical work experience and career-building opportunities.

Students & Recent Grads

We are continually seeking new talent to join our company, while providing opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain the valuable work experience needed to launch their careers.


NB-TAP is an industry-driven private/public partnership dedicated to the career development of New Brunswick’s youth, founded by Irving Oil and Jacobs Industrial. This program brings together industry, educators, government, communities and students. Through participating in NB-TAP, students graduate high school having already completed their first year of apprenticeship. For more information about NB-TAP and how to apply, visit

Finance Summer Internship Program

Each summer we choose a select number of students to participate in a three-month summer internship program in our finance department. Students have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, and potentially work with us in the future.


In partnership with the University of New Brunswick Saint John, Irving Oil places six MBA students each summer to work in various areas within the company. This program provides mutual benefit, as the MBA students are able to produce concrete results in their respective fields of academic expertise, and we are able to gain access to top talent and new insights into the leading educational concepts being taught in today’s classrooms.